Посвящение Б. Ф. Робинсону

Бертрам Флетчер Робинсон (около 1902 г.).

В первой журнальной публикации к названию повести Конан Дойла "Собака Баскервилей" была сноска - посвящение редактору "Дейли экспресс" Бертраму Флетчеру Робинсону (1870 – 1907): "This story owes its inception to my friend, Mr. Fletcher Robinson, who has helped me both in the general plot and in the local details. - A. C. D." ("Появление этой истории стало возможным благодаря моему другу, мистеру Флетчеру Робинсону, который помог мне придумать сюжет и подсказал реалии. - А. К. Д.").

Собака из Крэмонда

Эдвин Ландсир. The Faithful Hound (Преданная собака). Картина маслом по холсту. 1830 г.

Согласно результату археологических исследований, Крэмонд - древнейшее поселение на территории Шотландии. Первые поселенцы на этой территории появились около 8500 г. до нашей эры. Сегодня Крэмнод – приморский пригород Эдинбурга. Среди достопримечательностей этого места: романский порт, средневековая башня и легенда о собаке. Эта легенда была зафиксирована в книге парапсихолога Питера Андервуда «Призраки Шотландии: Географический справочник» (Gazetteer of Scottish Ghosts).

Temple Coombe

«One of Sherlock Holmes's defects - if, indeed, one may call it a defect -- was that he was exceedingly loath to communicate his full plans to any other person until the instant of their fulfilment. Partly it came no doubt from his own masterful nature, which loved to dominate and surprise those who were around him. Partly also from his professional caution, which urged him never to take any chances. The result, however, was very trying for those who were acting as his agents and assistants. I had often suffered under it, but never more so than during that long drive in the darkness. The great ordeal was in front of us; at last we were about to make our final effort, and yet Holmes had said nothing, and I could only surmise what his course of action would be. My nerves thrilled with anticipation when at last the cold wind upon our faces and the dark, void spaces on either side of the narrow road told me that we were back upon the moor once again. Every stride of the horses and every turn of the wheels was taking us nearer to our supreme adventure.


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