Револьвер Шерлока Холмса

"In front of us as we flew up the track we heard scream after scream from Sir Henry and the deep roar of the hound. I was in time to see the beast spring upon its victim, hurl him to the ground, and worry at his throat. But the next instant Holmes had emptied five barrels of his revolver into the creature's flank. With a last howl of agony and a vicious snap in the air, it rolled upon its back, four feet pawing furiously, and then fell limp upon its side. I stooped, panting, and pressed my pistol to the dreadful, shimmering head, but it was useless to press the trigger.

Следы огромной собаки

"The moor is very sparsely inhabited, and those who live near each other are thrown very much together. For this reason I saw a good deal of Sir Charles Baskerville. With the exception of Mr. Frankland, of Lafter Hall, and Mr. Stapleton, the naturalist, there are no other men of education within many miles. Sir Charles was a retiring man, but the chance of his illness brought us together, and a community of interests in science kept us so.

Смерть сэра Чарльза

"Dr. Mortimer drew a folded newspaper out of his pocket.
"Now, Mr. Holmes, we will give you something a little more recent. This is the Devon County Chronicle of June 14th of this year. It is a short account of the facts elicited at the death of Sir Charles Baskerville which occurred a few days before that date."
My friend leaned a little forward and his expression became intent. Our visitor readjusted his glasses and began:

Собака Баскервилей в переводе Ломиковской. Факсимильное издание

А. Конан Дойль. Собака Баскервилей. Пер. Е. Н. Ломиковской (Факсимильное издание). – Б. м.: Salamandra P.V.V., 2014. – 104 с. – (Новая шерлокиана, Вып. ХIV).

Издательство Salamandra P.V.V. в серии "Новая Шерлокиана" выпустило факсимильное издание "Собаки Баскервилей" 1902 года (перевод Елены Николаевны Ломиковской).

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